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Begin Your Journey to Relief

BWRT® is cutting edge therapy that is content free. This means that if you have a problem that you feel uncomfortable or unable to talk about, then you do not need to disclose the information to your therapist. In fact, the only thing your therapist needs to know is what it is you want to be able to do or to be able to stop doing and how you would prefer to feel instead.


In a session, the client is guided to use their own thoughts  – without the therapist even needing to know these thoughts – to help create a totally natural change that comes from your own mind. It’s unlike other therapies where the therapist often determines how you should be feeling.  BWRT® is not hypnosis. All the work is done in a completely ‘awake state’.

BWRT® is a rapid therapy. Most problems are resolved within a couple of sessions and even complex issues are usually resolved within 4-5 sessions. Other forms of therapy can take months or even years to get the same results.


How does it work? BWRT® changes old negative ways of thinking by intercepting the trigger thought at source and creating a new neural pathway so an emotion or event can no longer trigger destructive behavior patterns or thoughts that hold us back and leave us crippled by our fears and conditioning.

It is completely logical, practical and down to earth. BWRT® has shown remarkable results for those who have undertaken it. You can even have BWRT® sessions on Skype or Zoom from your own home. It is just as effective.

Meet Lori Richards

Lori has been studying the connection between the mind and body for more than two decades. She holds a Masters Degree from Brigham Young University. In addition to her work as a BWRT Practicioner, Lori has taught at the University level since 1995.


She is also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practicioner and a Certified Life Coach. She is particularly skilled with young adults, teens and tweens.


Practice Areas

It takes approximately 1/3 of a second for a thought/trigger to reach conscious awareness and by the time we are aware of it the process for action has already happened, which is why it is so difficult for us to resolve psychological issues ourselves. BWRT® effectively resolves behaviors and trauma for many issues including the following:



BWRT® works in a natural way by reducing/removing the emotion from the memory of the traumatic event so that it becomes ‘just another memory’ and therefore future triggers no longer evoke the traumatic feelings. It does this by targeting response patterns in the early part of the brain before they can reach consciousness.


Food Addictions

This 6-week program helps you change your relationship to food by using the power of your brain. Based on recent developments in neuroscience, the revolutionary psychotherapy of BWRT® breaks through psychological barriers to weight loss and unlocks your full potential.


BWRT® helps people experiencing complex grief, to reduce the intense pain of loss and turn it into normal sadness that can be managed. It can shorten the deep period of suffering of feeling stuck , taking away the triggers that leave devastating emotions in their wake. 


Pornography Addictions

Using Advanced BWRT® , Level 2, we work at an even deeper level with aspects of core identity and unwanted behaviors, including most forms of dependency, including pornography.


Young Adult/Teens

BWRT® specifically adjusted to the developmental stages of young adults and university students. BWRT® can be used with this group to modify unwanted behaviors, reduce pain of past traumas and alleviate anxieties.


Child Anxiety/Phobias

BWRT® for anxieties and phobias  is available for children over the age of eight, using a modified protocol specially tailored for the developing brain.

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Practice Areas
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